Lokomotiva on our Study Visit

With an aim to visit, share knowledge, learn about the context, current situation and action taken in relation to Yugoslavian modernistic architectural heritage and its current function, partners of Dissonant (Co) Spaces project had study visit in Trogir, Split, Krvavica in the period from 7 to 10 June 2017. More on Lokomotiva's impressions read on LINK

Slobodne veze // Loose Associations on Study Visit

Visit our partner's blog on LINK and read more about our study trip to Croatia.

Study trip to Croatia

At the beginning of June, all project partners visited Split and Trogir. The main idea was to become familiar with the Croatian partner - Motel Trogir - activities.

Also, we had several very important meetings considering our future work.

During the stay, draft of our Skopje conference was created.

Moreover, we had some free time to explore and enjoy Adriatic coast and its heritage.

Ana Zuvela's Belgrade Lecture

On this link you can read Ana Zuvela's Belgrade Presentation.

The topic of her lecture was Participatory Governance And Spaces of Culture.


Kino Kultura's Belgrade Presentation

If you missed Kino Kultura's presentation on our workshop in Belgrade, on this link you can read more about it.

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